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The kits below are still available (May 2024), with the caveat that as parts become obsolete, kits may have to be retired. Each kit has its own page with more technical information including a downloadable manual.

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Kit Pricing     
Click [here] for guideline pricing only. Costs are fluctuating all the time (usually upwards) and the prices shown are indicative only. We operate on a non-profit basis and so there is no slack to absorb increased costs. For a personalised quote (you may already have some parts yourself) including delivery contact Eric GW8LJJ [here].
FAT5 AM Transmitter Project    
The project comprises several kits. All kits are available separately.

To build the FAT5 RF section you will need the RF PA kit, and if you are not providing your own oscillator source, the Multi-Rock II kit as well. There is a choice of two analogue series modulator kits using either the TDA2050 or the LM3886 audio amplifier ICs. In addition the PUWMA pulse width modulator is an option that adds complexity, but greatly improves efficiency thus reducing power supply and heatsinking requirements. If you are not providing your own processed/tailored audio source you will also need the FAT-MAX audio processor kit which turns mic level audio into a compressed line level signal for feeding any of the modulators listed. Additionally, the TROPIC T/R sequencer (listed in the 'Other Kits' section) may assist with making sure things happen in the correct order. For a total home-brew AM station, the RAT5 companion receiver is also available (in 'Other Kits').

Multirock II. DDS signal source.  FAT5 Class E  PA FAT-MAX Speech Processor Series Modulator  Pulse Width Modulator
Other Kits    
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RAT5 AM Receiver   TROPIC T/R sequencer   CLARA L/C Meter   Netometer II. VFO drift detection Retired kits 
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